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Divine Relationship with God

God Bless My GHFAS Family,
I have so much on my heart to share, too much at this time to share it all. What I will share has helped me in the mist of all the challenges I have been and continue to face. As I meditated on  St. John 5:17-24, I understood the importance of a divine relationship with God. A relationship with mankind is flexible because we are not perfect in our fleshly being. When we make a promise to someone,  situations in life may cause us to alter our plans. Our relationship with God is a spiritual relationship. God is a Spirit and they that worship or have a relationship with Him must worship or have a relationship in Spirit and in truth. Whatever we fill our spirit up with will determine our relationship with God. For example if we fill our spirit with the Word, praying the Word, meditating on the Word and acting on the Word when God speaks it will be clear. When we fill our spirits with some Word and some gossip when God speaks we have questions.
God wants us to know what His plans are, what His purpose and objectivity for our life is. When we speak representing Him we need to only speak His words and we will find ourselves doing what He told us to do and saying what He told us to say! We will experience the reality of a God-directed life rather than a flesh-directed life. The truth will always be truth and the flesh will always resist the truth and fight for the flesh
Bishop Odell McFarland

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